Recycling Kitchen Cupboards Into Garage Storage Items

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It took weeks to scrape all of the layers of paint off the clapboards. Jamie Hunt and the crew from Hunt Building Co. labored very hard to strip the paint. This was during what turned out to be Elaine’s previous few weeks. It was very gratifying to her to ultimately see the exterior painted before she died. So, so cool. Pinned to my house beautification board. BTW – I didn’t know that Buckhawk Center was situated in Southern MO – maybe I’ll go go to it once I go residence.

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Installing the cupboards is straight ahead, particularly if your storage walls already lined with sheetrock. Locate and mark the studs for screwing the cabinets into the wall. If your storage wall is poured concrete, 1×4 nailer strips may be drilled and anchored into the wall. The cabinets are then screwed to the nailer strips. Painting the partitions with a shade of white helps to replicate light to brighten the realm, and adds to a neat and finished look.